Dec 08, 2014 by hellowyellow

Enrolling in a new healthcare plan is tricky. There are plenty of questions you should be asking before signing on the dotted line. A few key topics to ask about when searching for the right plan include: Are my prescriptions still covered and if so, what will my co-pay be? If you are forced to take an alternative covered medication, what will the side effects be?

Some of the answers to these questions may be NO! Where do you go from here? The open enrollment date for the Market Place lasts until December 15th, there’s still time to shop around. If these questions were not asked in time and you’ve already chosen a plan, the consequences could involve extra money spent and a lot of time wasted.

When a new formulary does not cover your current prescriptions, the concerns range from: how much will I have to pay out of pocket to, is there another drug on the formulary that will be comparable, or, is it one I can medically take? Many subscribers are stuck paying for their prescriptions out of pocket and sometimes the alternative medications that are covered have terrible side effects or worse, there is no alternative.

By doing your research, you will find that a more expensive healthcare plan is not your only option, nor is settling for expensive out of pocket prescriptions. By using a discount program, you may actually end up paying less for a prescription than a co-payment would cost. And since there is no limit with the Points of Care card, you may use the discount on multiple medications.

The Points of Care discount program may be a better option for saving money for anyone wanting to minimize their prescription costs, whether you have already decided which plan is right for you or even after you’ve decided. Click here to print a card to compare the savings to your marketplace plan.

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