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We’ve all heard it before: exercise is good for the mind, body and soul and if we want to live a healthy life we MUST work out. New studies continue to prove that theory to be true, especially in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy for prostate cancer.

Today many doctors are prescribing moderate-intensity exercise activity in addition to radiation therapy. The reason for the combination can be linked back to the success rate patients and doctors have been experiencing when the two practices are used in conjunction.

Kinesiology Researchers at Kansas State University have proven moderate exercise to be a key player in making radiation treatments more effective and manageable. Some of the many benefits experienced from combining the two practices include lessening the side effects during treatments, helping to boost the immune system to continue on with a healthier lifestyle once completing chemotherapy and helping prep cancer cells to be more susceptible to treatments.

Exercise helps keep oxygen flowing through your blood stream, and oxygen helps kill cancer cells. By consulting with your doctor to discuss adding an exercise regimen that’s right for you, you’re adding one more treatment to your defense against cancer.

Click HERE to read the full article, written by Jennifer Tidball.

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