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  • POC@UniversalRx.com

Welcome to a Universe of Savings

Green Line

Saving Has Never Been So Easy!



Give your card to your pharmacist or order

prescriptions online to be delivered to your door.

Find Your Lowest Price At Your Favorite Pharmacy

Prescriptions Delivered To Your Doorstep-
It Doesn’t Get Much Simpler!

  1. Avoid monthly trips to the pharmacy by having your medications sent straight to your home.
  2. Refill reminders ensure your medication arrives when you need it.
  3. Standard shipping is free and expedited shipping is available.

Skip The Line At The Pharmacy & Order Online.
It’s Like Having A Personal Pharmacist.


Can I Use the Card If…

I receive Medicare benefits?


Yes! You can use the program to receive a discount instead of using your Medicare plan.

I don’t have insurance or prescription drug coverage?


Absolutely! The Points of Care program is a perfect solution when you have to pay out of pocket.

I already have health insurance and prescription drug coverage?


Yes! You can still use the Points of Care program instead of your drug coverage when the POC price is cheaper than your insurance price.

What If I Have Insurance?

Having health insurance does not always mean you are paying the lowest possible price for your prescription medications.

  • Many healthcare plans omit certain medications leaving you to pay out-of-pocket for them.
  • If you have a high deductible plan and never expect to meet the max, why not put the extra money back into your pocket.
  • POC gives you options; compare the cost of your prescription copay and the discount program price, you choose how to save.

It’s Simple…

If your medication is cheaper with the
Points of Care program, use it to save!

Do you still have questions about our program?

Visit FAQ Page