Oct 17, 2014 by hellowyellow

National Breast Cancer Awareness month is here, and the need for awareness keeps growing. Many people think getting involved means giving a monetary donation, which goes a long way. However, donations can also be made in the form of time, support, items or just a helping a helping hand.

If you’ve always wanted to get involved but want to do more than just donate money, the American Cancer Society has many ways to make that possible. Participate in a race, volunteer a ride to chemotherapy, or donate your time to become an advocate and help raise awareness. You can also help someone important in your life take that first step to stay ahead of the disease. Find a low-cost or free mammogram in your area and coordinate a screening.

No matter your level of participation, you’ll help save a life just by getting involved.

Every year the number of men and women diagnosed with breast cancer grows. The American Cancer Society estimates 232,670 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the United States in 2014. With the help of early detection and improved treatments the survival rate has also been growing. Currently there are more than 2.8 million survivors in the United States, and we’re hoping that number keeps rising.

By getting involved with the activities specifically targeted to raise money for the disease you’ll not only be contributing to a good cause but you’ll also help build the faith of those suffering, just by being part of the fight.

To find an event in your area visit the American Cancer Society’s website. You can also participate in a Susan G. Komen race in your town.

Help be the reason someone is still here today.

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