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Welcome to the new Points of Care Blog spot. Here you can find recent articles and information on recent health studies, news on healthcare and prescription medications from around the web. We’ll also keep you up to date on what’s new with Points of Care.

As a brand of Universal Rx, Points of Care has been operating out of the Roanoke Valley for 19 years, saving people money all over the country.

Just in case you missed our Savings Program webpage, Points of Care is a free discount program – that’s right, a FREE program, which provides access to special discounts on hearing aids, diabetes supplies and most importantly, prescription medications.  Do you have a prescription that your health insurance doesn’t cover, or don’t have health insurance at all? POC is here to help.

Visit our Savings Program webpage to get more details.

Current Events:

Points of Care was recently represented at the Senior Health Fair Fun Day at the Civic Center in Salem Virginia. We spent the day educating seniors about their options when it comes to prescription medications, showing them how to use the Points of Care card with Medicare Part D and how they can obtain a discount on diabetes and hearing supplies.

At Points of Care, our mission is to help you and your family save money with no out of pocket expense!

Please stay tuned for more useful information from Points of Care!


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