Points of Care Communication Pieces

Thank you for your interest in our Points of Care discount program. Below you will find our general communication pieces that can be used for distribution and marketing purposes. Each piece can be branded to reflect company logos and information. Custom pieces can also be created by our design department to best suit your companies needs.


3.5″ x 8.5″ sized cards so they may easily fit in a brochure holder or a standard #10 envelope. Cards include a removable, perforated Points of Care cards at the bottom for easy wallet storage. Each card is printed on 14pt cover stock for durability when being taken in and out of a wallet. The rip cards can be customized to include company logos, white label website URL as well as participating pharmacies in your market.




8.5″ x 11″ flyers are perfect handouts or go great with cards in information packets. A versatile tool that includes information about the program as a whole or specific savings; such as pet medication savings. Each piece can be branded to include company logos as well as a link to your companies white label website URL.




11″ x 17″ Posters make perfect marketing items for doctors offices, vet offices or waiting rooms.  Poster can be customized to include company logos as well as white label website URL.




The most modern way to market your program. With online capabilities including an online participating pharmacy list and locator, drug pricing calculator and digital discount card; with multiple ways to virtually distribute. Your company logo will replace the Points of Care logo in the top left corner and the description can be customized to market the program how you’d like. Explore the site live at SelectPOC.com



All of our marketing pieces are available in Spanish and can be converted to other languages upon request.