Hearing Savings Program

Save up to 60% off on Hearing Products with your Points of Care Savings Card!

The Points of Care Hearing Savings Program can keep you connected! We are dedicated to helping people enjoy more gratifying lives through better hearing.


Buying a hearing instrument is a critical investment. The Points of Care Hearing Savings Program is committed to offering you the very best in hearing care. Service starts from your initial consultation and continues throughout the years you own your hearing instruments.


Through the Points of Care Hearing Savings Program you are assured the highest standards in patient care. Our program also offers some of the most advanced products in the hearing healthcare industry. Act now to take advantage of the professional and caring services our many card members enjoy.



Free Hearing Assessment by a local Professional ClearValue Provider to determine the need for Hearing Aids.

ClearValue Benefits & Services

ClearValue Professionals provide Free Annual Testing, Programming & Maintenance on all Starkey Hearing Instruments.


  • 100 % Guaranteed Custom Fit / 60 Day Trial
  • 2 Year Starkey Manufacturer Warranty
  • 2 Year Accidental Loss & Damage Insurance
  • 1 Year Supply of Batteries (1 Case Per Instrument)
Hearing Instruments

Currently most manufacturers and discount plans advertise questionable discounts off of inflated suggested retail prices. Starkey and ClearValue Hearing guarantees activated members actual savings of up to 60% off MSRP on all Starkey Hearing Instruments.

Custom Ear Protection & Ear Molds

Westone Lab, the leader in custom fit ear protection and ear molds, guarantees optimum comfort and noise reduction at discounted member pricing.

Points of Care Hearing Savings Program Benefits

  • Activated members are guaranteed free automatic pre-approval
  • Statewide network of Professional Audiologists and Specialists
  • Up to 60% off on all Starkey Hearing Instruments
  • Special Member Discounts on all Westone Custom Ear Protection
  • ClearValue offers significant savings & services that are typically not covered by Medicare and most Insurance

The Facts

Hearing loss ranks 3rd nationally in the top 10 list of chronic problems experienced by seniors. 1 out of 6 Americans between the ages of 45-65 have hearing loss as well as 8 million school children, while only 1% is being treated. Most insurance plans do not provide coverage for hearing aids and devices.


Therefore, less than half of those with hearing loss who could benefit from hearing aids currently use them.

Points of Care Response

ClearValue Hearing Healthcare Benefits Plan has joined with Universal Rx’s Points of Care Hearing Savings Program to provide you with the highest quality of hearing aids and hearing care services at substantial savings when compared to retail prices. Our program offers a full range of hearing instruments with savings up to 60%.


ClearValue Hearing Healthcare Benefits Plan will help you find a hearing care professional in your local area and take care of all your hearing care instrument needs.  Finding a hearing care professional is important to maintaining a high quality of living so that you can continue to enjoy an active life.

How the Program Works

Call the toll free number below and have your POC Group Number and mailing address available to receive a Hearing Care Information Packet.


Call to receive a Hearing Care Information Packet:

Call us Toll Free at: 1-877-804-4518


The Hearing Care Information Packet will provide contact information for a Health Care Professional Office in your area. Simply place a call to your designated Health Care provider to receive a complete hearing evaluation.


THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE where card members pay a flat dollar co-pay.