Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to enroll in the program? Is there a fee for the card?
There is no enrollment required to begin using the Points of Care Program. There is no eligibility to maintain and no enrollment forms to fill out. All members are eligible for all savings programs immediately upon receipt of their Points of Care card. Members should call the member services number on their card for payment and membership questions. Universal Rx does not manage membership or payment issues.

How do I get started using the Points of Care program?
 Follow the instructions for each POC Savings Program below:

Prescription Savings Program:

  • Members can take their Points of Care (POC) card to any participating pharmacy. Present the card along with your prescription(s). To locate a participating pharmacy, refer to the list on the back of your Points of Care card or select Retail Pharmacy Locator  for a ZIP code search of our network of over 55,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Mail Order Savings Program:

  • To order a 30, 60, or 90-day supply of prescription medication through the mail, members should call our mail order pharmacy at 800-742-0504. Members should provide their POC representative with their POC group number. Members can also order prescriptions and refills using the online tools by selecting Mail Order Savings Program —you can register, add family members, obtain a prescription, or order a refill.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Savings Program:

  • The Over-the-Counter Savings Program is a mail order program also. Available over-the-counter items can be found through our OTC Online Catalog. These items include pain relievers, wound care supplies, and many others. Orders can be placed online or members can call 800-742-0504. This program provides a convenient way for members to get their prescription medications and over-the-counter items conveniently delivered in the same package.

Durable Medical Equipment Savings Program:

  • The Durable Medical Equipment Savings Program is also a mail order program that offers a Durable Medical Equipment Online Catalog. Catalog items include walkers, nursing & medical supplies, and first aid travel kits. Orders can be placed online or members can call 800-742-0504.

Diabetes Savings Program:

  • The Diabetes Savings Program is a mail order program also. Diabetes supplies can be found through our online Diabetes Online Catalog. These items include lancets, test strips, monitors, and members can also order their prescription diabetes medications from our provider as well. Orders can be placed online or members can call 800-742-0504.

Hearing Care Savings Program:

  • The Hearing Savings Program provides of 50-65% off hearing aids. Members can call 800-591-5080 to receive a hearing information packet which includes a list of participating providers in the member’s local area.
How do I access my savings at the pharmacy?
At the point of purchase, members will receive the lower of the participating pharmacy regular retail price (as submitted to Universal Rx) or the nationally contracted discount price. Therefore, members are always assured the lowest price.


If the participating pharmacy price is higher than the Universal Rx contracted price then card members will receive a discount on that prescription. If the pharmacy price is lower than the Universal Rx contracted price then the member will not receive a discount; however, the member does receive the lower price.


Using the Universal Rx Prescription Savings Program card is simple. Members provide the pharmacist their card each time they go to their pharmacy to get a prescription filled. The pharmacist follows the instructions on the card and submits the claim online to Universal Rx. The online claims processing system automatically calculates the contracted rate and sends the amount the member owes back to the pharmacist.

Is there an expiration date on the card?
 There is no expiration date or limit on usage for Points of Care members.

  • Expiration Date:
    Upon enrollment, the member is eligible to receive discounts on their prescriptions for as long as the group is active with Universal Rx.
  • Limit on Usage:
    The member can utilize their card to receive discounts on all of their prescription needs. There is no limit on the number of times the card can be utilized.
What will my discount be? What will the price be for my specific medication?
Members can save up to 50% on their prescriptions.  The best way to get an exact price is to provide your pharmacist with a copy of your prescription and Points of Care card.  However, you can also visit our Drug Pricing Tool for an estimate.

Why did I not receive a discount?
Card members pay the lower of:

1) the Universal Rx contracted rate or

2) the pharmacy regular retail price. If the participating pharmacies regular retail price is higher than the Universal Rx contracted price the card member will receive a discount.


If the pharmacy regular retail price is lower than the Universal Rx contracted price then the member will not receive a discount; however, the card member always receives the lower of the two prices . This always assures that the member receives the lowest price possible through that participating pharmacy!

Is my medication covered and/or eligible for a discount?
Members will experience a savings on drugs that are not typically covered in other plans. Nearly all medications that require a prescription are eligible for a discount.

Can my family use my card to receive discounts?
The Points of Care Program card is designated “family” and can be used by the member, spouse and children. Members only need one card per family. Members only need one card per household.

Does my pharmacy participate?
Points of Care allows members to purchase prescription medications at over 55,000 pharmacies nationwide and receive the lowest available price. This number can fluctuate from month to month based on store openings, closings, etc.


Members can utilize Retail Pharmacy Locator tool located under the Prescription Savings Program header in the Quick Links menu on the right to search for the participating pharmacies nearest them.

Why did the pharmacy state that my card was not valid?
There are many prescription cards in the marketplace today. If a pharmacist is not familiar with the Universal Rx Points of Care card, or has not had it presented to them before, there is a possibility they will assume that the card is not accepted. In these instances, you can remind the member of the Pharmacy Help Desk number on the back of their card, 1-800-329-0988. The Pharmacy Help Desk will walk them through the process of submitting the claim for a discount.

Why did the pharmacist claim that my card is no good and no discount was received?
The member should contact Universal Rx at 540-777-7179 to have their individual claim reviewed to ensure the claim did indeed process and what the savings were.

Can I use this card with Medicare or Medicaid?
Only one card can be used at the point of sale; however, the member can ask the pharmacist to process the claims through both cards to see which one provides the most savings.

How do I order hearing aids?
The Hearing Savings Program provides a network of providers. The member may contact the Hearing Savings Program by calling 800-591-5080 and they will provide the member with a hearing care packet. This packet of information contains a listing of all providers in the member’s local area. The member will schedule an evaluation with one of the hearing providers and the provider will place the order for the member’s hearing aids. Full payment will be received by the provider at the time of service.