Drug Pricing Tool

Prices provided below are as accurate as possible.  For an exact price please present your Points of Care card and prescription at your local pharmacy.


* Some products (such as inhalers, vials, powders, syringes, eye drops, lotions, creams, injectable medications or any other medication NOT in pill form) may require a quantity to be entered as metric. If you are unsure of the metric quantity of the drug you are pricing, please contact your pharmacy for assistance.

  • While we make every reasonable effort to update and verify the information contained herein, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of pricing. All prices are subject to change without notice. Consumers should always check with the respective pharmacies directly, since prices can change and the price listings set forth in this website may not reflect the current price at any given pharmacy. We do not guarantee availability of your prescription medication nor the final price you will pay.
  • Drug prices can change weekly.
  • These prices are based on actual processed claims. However, the prices do not necessarily account for lower prices where the pharmacies everyday retail price may be lower than our pharmacy contract rates. In these instances, the member will always receive the lower of the two prices (contracted price or retail price).
  • The pricing database consists of the most popular drugs used by our plan members and cardholders. Please note that all drugs are eligible for a discount. If your drug is not listed, please see your pharmacist to obtain price quote.