Over-the-Counter (OTC) Savings Program

Save up to 65% on OTC products with your Points of Care Savings Card!

Research indicates that you will take some form of non-prescription over-the-counter (OTC) medication this year. Whether to cure a headache or treat a runny nose, you and many other Americans are turning to OTC medications more often to treat everyday health conditions.


Because these non-prescription OTC medications are your first line of personal defense for staying healthy, active and independent, Points of Care has designed an Over-The-Counter Savings Program that allows you to purchase these products at substantial savings online — and have them delivered to your door.


Just visit our Online Pharmacy and have your Points of Care Savings Card handy. You’ll need to enter your POC Group Number when ordering.

Points of Care OTC Savings Program Benefits

  • Order separately, or have your over-the-counter products included in your prescription mail order shipment when you order through our prescription Mail Order Savings Program!
  • Enjoy the convenience of shopping from your home!
  • Free home delivery applicable for most orders — so order your OTC Home Health Care products BEFORE you get sick and save a trip to the drug store!

The Facts

There is a high demand for cost savings on over-the-counter medications. Insurance plans do not cover these items, which increases the out-of-pocket expenses for Americans. That’s where Points of Care comes in.

Points of Care Response

Points of Care members can take advantage of deeply discounted prices on over-the-counter products through our mail order provider. Our Over-the-Counter Savings Program will help you save up to 65% on OTC products without ever having to visit the drug store. Just order online through our Online Pharmacy— and have them delivered to your door!

How the Program Works

Points of Care discounted prices are only available through the Points of Care mail order provider, not at participating pharmacies.

Members may place orders via phone or through our website.


Orders can be placed online

New Shopper – Register to Order Online

Returning Shopper – Shop Online Now


Orders can be placed by calling the Points of Care DrugSource, Inc. Mail Order Pharmacy:

Call us Toll Free at: (800) 742-0504


Need Help?

Call us Toll Free at: (800) 742-0504

Send us an Email at: poc@universalrx.com


THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE where card members pay a flat dollar co-pay.