Diabetes Savings Program

Save up to 65% on Diabetes Supplies with your Points of Care Savings Card!

Join thousands that have already trusted the Points of Care Diabetes Savings Program to help them stay healthy with discount prices for diabetes supplies.


The plan is simple to use and is convenient and reliable. The discounts will save you money over what you are now paying at your local pharmacy.


The foundation to a comprehensive diabetes disease management and support program is monitoring supply and medication usage by patients in order to determine compliance with good self-care guidelines. The Points of Care Diabetes Savings Program is structured around this foundation and incorporates other valuable functions including medication counseling and access to all available products for diabetes care. This successful program is delivered through patient contact by outstanding customer service coordinators and licensed pharmacists.

Points of Care Diabetes Savings Program Benefits

  • The key to avoiding complications of diabetes is blood glucose level maintenance
  • Following your prescribed self-care regimen is of critical important to successfully maintaining blood glucose levels
  • The Points of Care Diabetes Savings Program is here to help with a one-stop shop for information, education, cost savings, convenience and support
  • We also offer a Full line of products and supplies for diabetes self-management:
    1. Latest technology
    2. Home delivery
    3. Effective supply management
    4. Full-service pharmacy
    5. Pharmacists available for medication counseling
    6. Full line of insulin pump products and supplies

The Facts

Diabetes is quickly becoming an issue of epidemic proportions. Every day, nearly 4,000 people in the US are diagnosed with the disease. Individuals with diabetes have an increased risk for Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Blindness, Kidney Disease, Amputations, Dental Disease and other infirmities.


Paying cash for diabetes supplies at local pharmacies is an expensive undertaking. Combine the high cost of testing supplies with the aggravation of monthly trips to the pharmacy and managing your diabetes can become a burden. Failure to manage your diabetes can lead to severe complications, thereby increasing your overall healthcare costs and decreasing your quality and length of life.

Points of Care Response

Research studies have found better glucose control to be effective in reducing the risk of missed work days, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations. Universal Rx recognizes the important roles they play in helping people with diabetes stay in control of their blood sugar. The Points of Care Diabetes Savings Program is committed to helping you save money and time and to make the management of your diabetes as simple as possible.


Points of Care has partnered with DrugSource Pharmacy Inc. to bring you the best in quality, service, products, care, and savings and both are committed to delivering cost-effective programs that offer innovative solutions for our members.

How the Program Works

The Diabetes Savings Program is easy to use. Simply call our Toll Free number and you will be connected with a Customer Service Representative who is prepared to answer your questions and assist you with your needs.


Be sure to have your Points of Care Savings Card with your POC Group Number available. This always ensures that you will receive the lowest price available!


Call us to join the Diabetes Savings Program:

Call Toll Free at: (800) 742-0504


Diabetes Supplies can be purchased Online:

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 Need Help?

Call us Toll Free at: (800) 742-0504

Send us an Email at: poc@universalrx.com


THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE where card members pay a flat dollar co-pay.